Postponing Weddings and Changing Dates because of the Coronavirus - Now What?

May 04, 2020

We’ve decided to postpone our wedding. We’ve already sent out our save the dates/wedding invitations. Now what?

So, you have made the super difficult decision to postpone your wedding. You and your fiancé have talked, you have talked to your closest friends and family, and have decided it is for the best. Collective sigh. We feel you.

Now, let’s get to planning.

That’s right! Just because you have decided to postpone, does not mean you have to stop all planning. Now’s the time to get ahead of the game and be proactive.

Lucky Onion Change the Date for Mountain Wedding affected by COVID 19 Coronavirus

Depending on where you were in the wedding planning stages you may have already sent out the save the dates or invitations. In either way, we strongly urge sending an update to your guests to keep them informed, in the form of “Change the Date” cards. Our recommendation is to share how you are being mindful of the times and how you will be celebrating at a later date. This is a good time to remind them of your wedding website for any additional changes and updates.


We Still Do, Change the Date Wedding Announcement for Coronavirus COVID 19

In some cases, clients are opting to have an intimate elopement, often virtual, on their original wedding date, with a larger reception celebration at a later date. The “Change the Dates” can serve as announcements to this elopement with instructions to Zoom or other video conferences. (A reception invitation would follow at a later date.) See our blog post on ideas for your elopement here!


Change the Date Modern Mountain Wedding Announcements Coronavirus COVID 19

Here are some tips to help make the next steps clear for you:

- Be proactive. Talk with your wedding vendors: planner, stationers, and vendors. Create a plan moving forward that feels good to you. This will help make sure your message is effective and straightforward.

- Take your guests into consideration, with respects to your message, and have a tactful approach. (We can totally help you with this, so do not worry!)

- Think half glass full here. Keep the message optimistic! (Don’t know how? We’re here to help!)

- Keep your design consistent on your “Change the Date” cards with that of your Save the Dates or Wedding Invitations. This helps to keep a continuity for your guests.

- Include your website or email where guests can stay up to date. Make it clear where they need to go on your site and how often you may update them.

- Absolutely, positively, make sure your website is updated with any news you have. Your guests (and you) will thank you for it later.

- Lastly, I recommend that you follow up with your guests. Check in with them by phone (what a great excuse to have someone to talk to!). Make sure your guests have received their “Change the Dates” and ask them if they have any questions. You will be surprised how this process can be so fulfilling!


Coronavirus / COVID 19 Wedding Invitation Insert

I know some of you are concerned, in a funk, overwhelmed, and even feeling guilty. You want to celebrate your love and start your married lives together — there’s nothing wrong with that! If there is anything these times have taught us is that flexibility is key and we have to be willing to break the “rules” a little. Have a chat with your wedding vendors. I know that here, at Lucky Onion, we want to support you in coming up with the best plan possible. Having a plan always makes me feel a little easier to digest things; to stay focused and be calm. Work on a plan that makes you feel comfortable and works for you and your vendors. You will be able to celebrate! When you do, everyone will be there to support you and it will be such a good feeling!

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