being green

our eco-conscientious efforts

At Lucky Onion®, we make being green an important part of our business as well as a way of life, for the betterment of our planet Earth and for the future of our children. Here are just a few ways that we take part in making our Earth a greener place to live:

All of our printing papers are at least 30% post consumer waste (PCW).

Some of our lines are comprised of 100% PCW paper and 100% cotton paper.
We even offer seeded paper, which you can plant in your gardens! How fun is that?!

We use lightly used boxes and overages from other companies, that would otherwise have been tossed out for all of our shipping. Furthermore, all of our packing material is either reused from packages we receive or 100% recycled papers.

All of our internal office papers are reused on the backside before recycling. 90% of all of our office and print consumable wastes are recycled.

We donate our overages in color cover stock to local schools for their art departments.

Almost all of our printer parts are recycled with the printer manufacturers.

Cristy with Lucky Onion did a fantastic job on our business cards, rack cards and website for our wedding venue. She is amiable, super creative and puts 110% into everything she does. We highly recommend Lucky Onion, and plan to do business with Cristy again.

— Everett Ranch Weddings