Lucky Onion® is a design team and print company based out of Denver, Colorado: hometown to owners and husband and wife, illustrator and graphic designer, Kevin Eslinger and Cristy Fernandez.


After acquiring years of experience in both the production and design industry in New York City and San Francisco, they founded Lucky Onion® in 2001.


As high school sweethearts, Kevin and Cristy know how special life events are and how important it is to commemorate them. It is through stationery they were able to announce their wedding, their first home, and their daughter’s birth. It is with this inspiration that they started their company and created their custom stationery design lines. After years of being in the custom stationery design business, Lucky Onion® launched its first lines of everyday stationery products in 2014.


All design and production is done in-house to control design authenticity and quality.



As told by Cristy: My husband and I were trying to come up with our company name when we began it in 2001. We knew we wanted to have "lucky" in our name. We were at a restaurant eating and started naming things on our plates. Onions happen to be one of them. We looked at each other and paused. Having liked the sound of it, we smiled, but we decided to table it. My husband was simultaneously doing research on his family genealogy, Eslinger, which originates in Germany. It turns out that the town of Esslingen, where the last name originates, is known for having annual festivals. At these festivals, they hung onions all around town to scare away bad spirits. The townspeople were dubbed "Little Onions" for this reason. It came full circle for us, and we knew we were "Lucky Onion."




Paper nerd. Love the smells, feels, and sights of all things print and paper. Designing stationery ever since I was 6 years old. Yep, remember those old computer programs to make cards and banners from the 80's? And the dot matrix printer that printed them? That was my first taste of the stationery world!

Under my belt: BFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis on print, branding, product design, and wayfinding design. 18+ years of graphic design experience, which includes work for Liz Claiborne, American Heart Association and more.

Loves: Trying new restaurants with my adventurous husband, cuddles on the couch with my daughter, chocolate, design, letterpress printing, calligraphy and all things paper.



Artist and writer.

Under my belt: BFA in Illustration from Art College of Design. Prior to being self employed, work history includes Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys, and Master Replicas as product designer and developer.

Loves: My wife and daughter, good books, learning about everything, jujy fuits.

His artistic work can be viewed in his gallery and online at www.eslingergallery.com.


We offer many different services and do it all in-house, right here in Colorado.


• Custom stationery design

• Graphic Design

• Hand-drawn and painted Illustration

• Letterpress

• Foil Stamping

• Blind Debossing

• Laser Cutting

• Die Cuts

• Finishing techniques (edge painting, score/diecut, duplex, etc.)

• Assembling and Stuffing of Invitations

• Custom Postage Stamps

• Custom Rubber Stamps

• Mailing of Invitations

• Envelope Addressing




At Lucky Onion®, we make being green an important part of our business as well as a way of life, for the betterment of our planet Earth and for the future of our children. Here are just a few ways that we take part in making our Earth a greener place to live:


• All of our printing papers are at least 30% post consumer waste (PCW). Some of our lines are comprised of 100% PCW paper and 100% cotton paper.


• We use lightly used boxes and overages from other companies, that would otherwise have been tossed out for all of our shipping. Furthermore, all of our packing material is either reused from packages we receive or 100% recycled papers.


• All of our internal office papers are reused on the backside before recycling. 90% of all of our office and print consumable wastes are recycled.


• We donate our overages in color cover stock to local schools for their art departments.


• Almost all of our printer parts are recycled with the printer manufacturers.