Ski Lift Pass Save the Dates from Lucky Onion Featured on Wedding & Ingenuity

June 01, 2012

Wedding & Ingenuity Summer 2012 Features one of Lucky Onion's custom invitations.

Left: If you and your hubby-to-be are avid skiers, this creative Save the Date idea will be perfect for your ski lodge or ski theme wedding. Design the save the date to resemble a ski lift pass. Voilà! A personal and unique save the date that will be the perfect reminder for those excited to attend your big day.


One of my genius and creative friends is the mastermind behind these ski lift pass save the dates. She got into skiing with her fiancé a couple years ago and it’s a pastime they enjoy together. In fact, they got engaged while skiing, which is a wonderful tie-in. I just love the little ideas that create a story. Weaving those personal elements throughout the entire event and planning process make it totally yours.

Don’t forget to use both sides of the Save the Date. My good friend has a cute monogram and simple yet endearing message, “cannot wait to see you there!” I know the wedding will be just as beautiful, creative, and personal as these save the dates.

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