The Hidden Gem of Georgetown

June 16, 2015




The Hidden Gem of Georgetown:

Just Paper and Tea

Growing up in Japan, Carolyn Wasylczuk fell in love with Japanese stationery shops. She loved the different textures and weight of the papers, the never-ending selection of pens, and the cultural importance stationery played in everyday life.

In her adult life, she began working in the US as paper buyer for large department stores. At this same time, stationery and paper weren’t much more than an isle in the office supply store or back room of the print shop. This lack of beautiful paper and personalized stationery became an evident opportunity to Carolyn and her husband Nick, and they decided to take advantage of it. Together they decided to maximize their passion for paper and the untouched market of stationery to create the Georgetown gem: Just Paper and Tea.

Located amongst the quaint shops of P St., Just Paper and Tea has held ground at the same location for the past 25 years. The dynamic duo have become well known in the community- servicing the local universities, providing tea for the Dali Lama, and keeping all of the DC brides smiling. While their passions spread wide, Nick and Carolyn’s main stationery focus is on wedding suites and have grown to have a large collection of albums and exclusive lines. They were the very first to buy Julie Holcomb’s letterpress album which initiated an itch to gather more. Whether it’s paper, technique, or imagery, Just Paper and tea is always on the prowl for the next best thing.

 When Just Paper and Tea caught wind that Lucky Onion was letter pressing on seeded paper, they instantly knew it was something they wanted to get their hands on. Being that both companies are small, family grown businesses, the connection was immediate and has continued to flourish. Both teams decided they wanted to collaborate on an exclusive line that highlighted the iconic imagery of Washington DC. Soon after, a beautifully designed, 10-suite exclusive line was born for Just Paper and Tea. The line contains a little bit of everything, from gold foil stamping and letterpress to gorgeous water-colored cherry blossoms. Carolyn’s favorite suite is one that contains an iconic image of the capital building from an original postcard circa 1897. She claims she knew the exclusive line was going to thrive with her Georgetown clients when one particularly selective bride knew at first glance that she wanted the All Around the Town- DC Suite for her big day. Carolyn and Nick believe this exclusive suite is a perfect solution to brides in the area looking for pieces that are unique and personal to them and the area of Washington DC.





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